Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

This simple quote expresses three essential factors of daily life that people tend to easily overlook or ignore. Acknowledge, Dream and Accept. Sounds simple, but living by this quote can be hard to do.

Let’s start with the first part of the quote. “Difficult roads”. Everyone has struggles that we try to hide when we are having a hard time, but you need to embrace it. If you can’t see that something is wrong then you are being oblivious to who you are. Oblivion can be a dangerous path to take because you are not addressing the problem right in front of you. You subconsciously know that you are being faced with difficulty, but you might be scared because you don’t know how to confront this discomfort. This oblivion makes it hard to acknowledge these tough times because you try and try to ignore whatever is bothering you, whether you know what that is or not.

It is easy to ignore the difficult roads until something triggers how you are feeling. You will know when you acknowledge whatever crossroads you are at because you will open up. You can open up to yourself by starting to change your actions. You might focus on self-care and physically open up your body and mind, trying to figure out on your own how to make it through this rough path. Focusing on a hobby you like is always good because keeping yourself busy helps with not overthinking. I am not saying to ignore the problem, but you cannot constantly be thinking of how you are feeling or when you will start to get through the difficult time because that is not helpful at all.

I like to write in a journal to express when I am angry or upset because I am letting off some stress while also keeping the matter in my own hands. You also might open up to others for advice and comfort. Talking outloud about a problem can make the process go more at ease for some, but not for everyone. Addressing your discomfort, whether it is coping by yourself or sharing your experience, is key when it comes to moving forward. In order to get to your beautiful destination, you need to acknowledge that you are in pain. The first step is to acknowledge you’re going through a tough time. Everyone has difficult roads. Everyone.

Let’s skip to the end of the quote, “beautiful destinations”. When I am going through a tough time, either mentally, physically or whatever may be going on, I like to look forward to things in the future that excite me. Focusing on the present and on yourself is important, but it’s as important to envision where you see yourself in the future. Have dreams. Big dreams. Small dreams. Several dreams. Just do not stop dreaming no matter how old you get. If you stop dreaming, then you almost stop living as a whole.

It’s okay to move on from a dream or not accomplish your biggest dream as long as you start to have a new dream. Whatever you do in life, remember to always look forward to the next day. Find a reason to dream. Maybe that reason is your dream. Maybe your dreams are watching your kids and grandkids grow up or it could be that you dream about making a name for yourself. You dream of making it big one day in some huge city like New York or LA. You actually see yourself walking down fifth avenue, thriving as the small fish in the big pond. Your dream might be wanting to make a change in the world by voicing what you believe in until you are heard. This could be an ongoing dream of yours, to be heard.

A dream can grow with you until the day you die. You need to have faith in your dreams so that you can make them happen. If you are faithful to your dreams, then you can find a reason to push through your hardships until your very last dream. Your dream could be anything, and it doesn’t have to be big. Your dream can just simply be to live a happy life. This could be your constant dream. You will always look forward to being happy and mentally that is all you really need in life. The point is, you need to have some idealization of what you want to accomplish in your future because it will push you to get through these difficult times.

“Often” lies in the midst of the quote and I saved this for last because it is evidently the hardest part of the quote and life to delve into. In life, we do not always get what we want. There are heartbreaks every day because this world isn’t a perfect place. Humans are evolving, yes, but we are also flawed and will never be completely satisfied with every outcome and hardship we face. The quote speaks the beautiful truth by saying that our hardships often lead to these beautiful outcomes because many times we don’t get the beautiful destination we deserve.

Life has hiccups, bumps along our journey. Some hiccups are bigger than others, but never compare someone else’s hardships with yours. We all have times where we feel we can’t get out of bed in the morning. We all feel a void in our hearts and tend to overthink if we are on the right path. Don’t worry, we are. When I feel these voids and question if I am focusing on the right things, I go back to my beautiful destination. I’m not sure how I will get there, but I’m doing the most I can now to have the success that I strive for in the future. The word often is so important because if we always got the beautiful destination that we thought we deserved then life would have no element of surprise.

You might not get the outcome you want, but in the end, every hardship you face makes you into the person you are. Take a look in the mirror and think of all the times you didn’t quite reach your beautiful destination. Now ask yourself, “How am I stronger and more passionate because of this?”. Imagining life beyond now is extremely important to living and human existence. Imagining is the key word. Don’t plan your ideal life. Things will not always work out the way you plan, and the world will make sure of that. Leave some room for faults. Leave room for imagination. You don’t need to know exactly where you will end up next, but just balance a few possible outcomes in your head. Think about different versions of your future self rather than fixating on the idea of this person that you and others want you to become.

Just live. Live through the hardships. Prepare that you don’t always reach your ideal beautiful destination. And cope. Cope with the beautiful destination at your hands and then strive for another one. The hardest part about living is that we don’t know what’s ahead in this life for us. We aren’t sure if we will ever reach our beautiful destinations, our biggest dreams. But isn’t that the most exciting part about living? Not knowing what lies ahead. Next time you find yourself living through these difficult roads, really try and see yourself making it past this hardship. And once you do, just live. Your beautiful destination will find its way to you, whether it’s what you expected or not. You’ll see, I promise.

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